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POP ROCKS are small pieces of hard candy, that have been gasified with carbon dioxide under superatmospheric pressure. When these gasified sugar granules come in contact with moisture, the gas released, causing characteristics crackling and fizzing sounds.

Only POP ROCKS, the #1 selling popping candy in the world since 1970’s, offers a guarantee of quality and service that is ready to match those of your leading products, thus guaranteeing a complete success for your applications.

An innovative promotional item

POP ROCKS can be packed in individual pouches to be used as a promotional item. The size, shape, weight and graphics of the package can be adapted to suit our customer’s requirements. The packed POP ROCKS candy with special and customized graphics becomes a great tool to incentivate the sales of consumer goods. One, two, three, or more pieces can be added to cereal boxes, yogurts, soft drinks, desserts, cakes and many other goods.

Our company offers the power of the original brand POP ROCKS, the highest quality, an invaluable experience to co-operate with the most demanding R&D departments and a very high perceived value promotional item with reasonable cost.

The coolest ingredient

POP ROCKS is an innovative funny ingredient ideal for the food and dairy industry. It is added during the production process as a topping or filling in chocolates, desserts, yogurts and ice creams and there is still a high potential for unexplored uses.

Our company has worked with some of the Fortune 50 Food Companies around the world, sharing our know-how with their R&D experts to help them create new successful concepts using POP ROCKS as an ingredient. Popping particles can be colored, flavored and coated, in order to fit the needs of the final item and results are always surprising.

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POP ROCKS adds a blast of pop and excitement to your products. Just let us know what you need… we will help your project come true!

Applications are unlimited! Just let your imagination run!

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